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Judicial Panel Case Decisions

August 7, 2014

Judicial Panel Case # 13-35A


By a vote of 7-0, the full Judicial Panel has sustained the decision of the trial officer.

May 15, 2014

Judicial Panel Case # 13-35




The evidence presented clearly laid out a pattern of abuse by the accused.  The accused parties used the union treasury, at best, in a cavalier and carless fashion.   At worst, they drew upon union funds in a fraudulent manner.   If such funds were used for legitimate purposes then there should have been documentation to prove so.  No documentation was presented at this hearing, and according to direct testimony, documentation was not provided to the local leadership.    The evidence presented by the charging parties is clearly supported by the audit (JP 9).   I  find  that  no credible evidence  or  testimony  was presented  that  would  answer  in any  way  the charges  as presented  or the audit that was performed by the International  Auditor.




The   parties   are found   guilty   of violating   Article X, Section 2(B) of the International Constitution.    They are suspended from the right to hold or seek any elected position at any level of the union for a period four years. Sister Powe is ordered to reimburse the local a total of $2,230.15, which is the total of the checks written to her as stated in CP 1 and check number 8212. Sister Smith is ordered to repay Local 2912 a total of $822.25, which is the total of checks written to her as stated in CP 1, and check number 8247. Such payment shall be made within 60 days of this decision.

September 5, 2012

Judicial Panel Case # 12-77




There was a thorough review of all information presented during the trial.   It is clear from  the evidence that the accused  parties did not cooperate  with the incoming officers in delivering all union  records  and  property of the union  in a timely  fashion,  if at all. Outgoing officers are obligated to aid in the smooth transition of new officers which includes transferring union property to them.




Sisters  Bernice Powe, Sister Jennie Smith and Sister Glendora  Ratcliff are found  guilty  of violating  Article   X,  2  (A)  of  the  International  Constitution  in  that   they   violated Appendix B. They are issued a formal reprimand. They are directed to turn over to the new officers any additional property they have in their possession.

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