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Financial By-Laws Policy and Procedures


Adopted - November 20, 2013


I - Advances


Article V,  Section 3  Financial Standard Code  proper advance authorization must  be  pre- approved by the Executive Board (EB).   Expense advances may be paid for participation in any conference, convention or event to which the individual is a duly elected delegate or alternate for convention, conference or event that requires overnight accommodations.  Original receipts must be attached to expense reports.  Any advanced funds in excess of amounts reported on expense records, and confirmed by receipts, must be returned to the Local Treasurer for deposit into the Local’s bank account(s).   Authorized advances must be documented in the minutes of the Executive Board Meetings.


The Local will advance upfront cost for hotel stay, ground transportation, and reimbursement of transportation (airfare, train, bus or rental car) prior to trip departure with the approval of Executive Board.


II - Audits


Audits will be conducted semi-annually in compliance with Financial Standard Code Article XI, Section 1 at least one each year or semi-annual or more if required by Local’s constitution.  All Audits  will  be  conducted by  elected  Trustee  officers  or  Secretary Treasurer independent certified public accountant (CPA), not otherwise connected with the union.


Trustee(s) will be paid a $100 a day allowance for each semi-annual audit.  The trustee(s) will be paid mileage expense and appropriate meal expense for any day of the audit.


III – Awards, Gifts & Memorials


Awards, gifts and memorials shall be purchased by President, Vice-President, or Recording Secretary.  Decisions to purchase holiday gifts for members or gifts for officers shall be the decision of the Executive Board.


All purchases shall be announced at the regular membership monthly meeting. Memorials for members will be noted on the monthly Health and Welfare report.


IV – International and Council 31 Conventions


Elected delegates and alternates must be nominated and elected by the membership, with the list of  delegates and alternates documented in the  membership meeting minutes.

V – Other Conventions, Conferences or Events


Members chosen by the Executive Board or elected by nomination and election to attend other conventions, conference or events shall be reimbursed for lost time up to the total days of the conference, convention or event.


Delegates and alternates must attend entire workshop(s) selected.  Delegates and alternates will be held accountable for their whereabouts during convention hours.   Delegates and alternates must stay until the end of the convention unless excused by the President or Vice President. If a delegates or alternates does not attend Saturday or Sunday functions that’s part of the convention, will not be entitled to the $100.00 week end allowance.


If an unforeseen medical condition or emergency situation restricting a member from attending a convention, conference or event, a call to the President or Vice President should be made immediately or as soon as member becomes aware .


If an unforeseen medical condition restricting a member from traveling on a day of departure and an additional cost is incurred it should be submitted with appropriate supporting documentation to the Executive Board for discussion and approval or denial.

VI – Customary Expenses


Customary expenses shall include transportation, mileage, meals, parking, lodging – including taxes and fees.  Customary expenses may vary according to location, convention, conference or event, and travel needs.  Except as noted in this policy, original receipts must be attached to expense form.   Expenses being reimbursed by an employer, another Union, or any other source, will not be reimbursed by Local 2912.  NOTE: Any money matters brought to the Treasurer which he/she feels may be excessive will be submitted to the Executive Board for discussion and approval or denial.


VII - Lodging


Lodging will only be reimbursed for delegates, alternates or members attending a convention, conference or event that reside outside the seven county metro areas and/or live 50 miles or more  from  the  event  hotel/motel.    Lodging the  night  before the  start  of  a  convention, conference or event will be provided if the delegate/alternate would have to leave home prior to 9:00 a.m. to attend the convention, conference or event. Lodging will be authorized for the night following a convention only if the member would not be able to return home until after 8:00 p.m.


Lodging will be paid at the negotiated rate for the convention, conference or event whenever practicable.  Lodging requiring any special accommodations other than handicap or extenuating circumstances is the responsibility of the members, unless pre-approved by the Executive Board.  Lodging will be approved for overnight when the cost of lodging and meals would be equal to or less than the actual cost of mileage and expenses for separate drives. i.e.: If the cost to return home would be more than the cost of staying overnight, the local will pay for the overnight expenses (you have the option if you desire to pay the difference). Members will stay at Union organized hotels whenever practicable and within budget limits. Receipts must be provided for all lodging.

VIII – Lost Time Payments


Lost time is paid to Union members as reimbursed compensation for taking personal compensated leave from job to perform union duties. Lost time will not be paid for performing union duties during one’s normal working hours.


Lost time payments are paid at the same rate as each individual’s salary from the employer. Lost time payments requested while on vacation leave from employer must be approve with supporting documentation of vacation leave.   There is a 30-day deadline for the submission   of   dated   lost-time   reimbursement   and   expense   reimbursement. Expense forms & lost wages forms cannot be faxed; they must be delivered to Treasurer with original receipts.




Non-taxable per diem payments are daily allowances to cover incidental costs for out of town overnight stay for union related business up to the maximum federal rate allowed. Per Diem will be adjusted for first day of travel and last day of travel in accordance with the federal rate guidelines depend on the city of the overnight stay for convention, conference or event.


Taxable per diem paid to delegates, alternates or members alike as a daily allowance $100.00 for  conducting  union  related  business  on  weekends  and  Saturday  &  Sunday  during  a convention, conference or event.  An expense report with documentation must be submitted to Secretary Treasurer to support payments to be made.


X – Distribution of Meeting Minutes and Reports


Executive Board members shall receive and retain a copy of the minutes and reports of the General Membership and Executive Board meetings.   Minutes of the General Membership meeting will be made available to members attending General Membership meeting.   Other members wishing to receive copies of the minutes and/or reports shall mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Local’s Recording Secretary or provide an e-mail address in person or in writing.


XI – Office Expenses


Reasonable office supplies and copies for local business shall be reimbursed with accompanied receipts.   Expenses believed to be unreasonable will be reviewed by the Treasurer and forwarded to the Executive Board for discussion, approval or denial.


XII – Reimbursement Receipts


Original receipts must accompany all requests for reimbursement. Meal reimbursements must be for the actual cost of the meal incurred. Reimbursements without proper receipts will not be paid.  Any flight paid with a debit or a credit card will required a dated receipt showing proof of purchased. Any statement provided should have appropriate redaction for privacy.


XIII – Stipend


Is a fixed salary paid to Executive Officers for union work performed during normal work hours of operations Monday thru Friday of each month within calendar year.  The salary is agreed upon at the beginning of the officer’s term by the Executive Board or during the budget process and approved by Executive Board and the General Membership.


President                  $500.00


Vice-President         $400.00


Secretary                  $300.00


Treasurer                 $400.00


Chief Steward          $400.00


Executive Board      $250.00


In accordance to Constitution Local 2912 Article VII duties of officers and executive board will be adopted into Bi-Laws but not limited to the following as applicable.


1)  Discuss grievant issues with members through phone calls, meeting in person or email.


2)  Investigating and/or filing grievances


3)  Attend Meetings:


     a.  Executive Board

     b.  General Membership

     c.  Labor Management

     d.  Disciplinary (Pre-disc, Step I, Step II, Step III)

     e.  Steward

     f.   Chief Steward meeting

     g.  President meeting

     h.  Special call meetings

     i.   AfSCME People Meeting

     j.   Impromptu meetings with Council 31

     k.  Entertainment events for membership


4)  Perform Union Business in Local’s office

     a.  Field phone calls, emails, etc.

     b.  Update record keeping 

     c.  Invoice expenditures

     d.  Payroll

     e.  Meet with members

     f.   Investigate grievance issue(s) claim by member(s).

     g.  Secretarial duties

     h.  Chief Steward duties

     i.   Projects assigned by President, Vice President or Executive Board


XIV – Transportation/Parking


Transportation/Parking expense reimbursement(s) requires a receipt.    Parking will include parking lots or parking meters.  Transportation expense would include personal vehicle, taxi, airplane and rental car.


During an out of town conference, convention or event ground transportation will be paid at a maximum of $30.00 per day.


**Additional sightseeing travel, extended stay personal travel associated expenses are the responsibility of members.


Metered parking will be approved to a maximum of $30.00 per day with an original receipt.  All members shall report hourly rate and total cost on the appropriate expense report.


Mileage reimbursement will be approved at current Federal IRS mileage rate each year.


Exclusion: Parking & Mileage for Executive Board Officers who are required to attend Executive Board, General Membership and Stewardship Meetings Monday thru Friday will be excluded.


Inclusion: Officers who use their personal vacation time to conduct union business Monday thru Friday during regular employer working hours shall be reimbursed for mileage and parking.


XV- Expense Reports


a)  Original receipts must be attached.


b)  Expense reports should be filed timely.


c)  AFSCME Financial Standard Code per IRS considers timely filing within 30 days. d)  All expense reports must be properly approved.


XVI - Payroll


Payroll & Reimbursements will be distributed at Executive Board Meeting Each Month.


All lost time, allowance, training and regular stipend pay, per the AFSCME Financial Standards will be submitted and processed thru ADP Services for appropriate payroll taxes.   All members receiving lost time payments must have a W-4 and copy of pay stub and leave request on file with Local prior to payment.


XVII – Property/Equipment


All property, equipment, or supplies purchased with Local funds become assets of the Local. All non-cash property and equipment will be depreciated 20% annually.

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